Saturday, May 9, 2015

Open Sesame.

The opening of a new chapter in life, a step nearer to adulthood. A few changes had happened in my life and I couldn't decide whether I like them or not.

My emotions during the past few days had constantly being in rollercoaster mode and I don't know what had triggered the rollercoaster button of my emotions. I blame it on the new environment. Talking about my new environment, my looonggggggg holiday is finally over. I'm a pre-u student now studying in a different school (since my ex school doesn't provide any pre-u courses). Just months ago, I'm still a student in an all-girls school. Just months ago, I was announcing "Bye bye high school" happily on all social medias that I'm involved in and now I'm stuck in high school again ( Is pre-u counted as highschool?). Well, since where I'm studying in is no doubt, a high school, this question doesn't matter anymore. Ironically, I'm back being a high schooler. 

I had always wanted changes in my life but lately, I can't help but to miss my comfort zone. Yes, I'm talking about my ex school. Don't get me wrong, it is not like I love my ex school a lot but it had been my comfort zone for years ( despite being my hell at the same time). Well, at least I'm going to school with Keong again and I hope both of us will do well in school. I hope these I-must-study-hard and I-must-say-bye-to-mr-lazy vibe will not vanish after 3 months later. It happens every year but I hope my determination will win over this time. 

I'm reading all those unread novels on my shelf in case I will be too busy for them later. I'll always have the urge the write something every time after I read. My inner Miss Author will stay around until my ouhm is gone and maybe, this is why I am updating my blog today. It is the only social media I own that allow me to write something long. I prefer reading books written by authors like John Green and Rainbow Rowell compared to books by authors like Nicholas Sparks and David Nichollas. No hate there but I just can't seem to enjoy reading about how a person drink his/her coffee in one whole page. Not all of their books are talking about how a person is sipping his/her coffee , I know, but I'm talking about their writing style. I give up reading them most of the time and I'll get back to them when I'm feeling like it and the cycle continues ( since I had bought them anyways). 

I really want to get my ideal kind of body shape but I can't seem to give up on McDonalds no matter how hard I try. I'll always have a craving for McDonalds. I can't give up on pizza either. Fried chicken too. Fast food is bae, I can't live without them. 

That's all! 



Monday, February 16, 2015

It has finally arrive!

The ouhm to update something has finally arrive. I actually wanted to shrug the feeling off but the more I'm denying it, the more it is bugging me.              

I don't even remember when was the last time I last wrote here to be honest. SPM had ended, my highschool had ended. I don't really like to admit this but in this long break, I think I had became an otaku. Precisely, an otaku for anime. I'm not watching animes like Naruto or One Piece of course. Action animes are not my style. 

Romance animes are not tiring me out at all. Since most of them only consist of 12 episodes and 25 minutes per episode. I often feel that they are too short but I highly doubt if I have the patience to continue watching them if they are too draggy. I'm not a fan of dramas after all. The only dramas that I really like are Secret Garden, My Man Kim Boong Do and It's Okay That's Love out of so many that I've watched. Provided that three of them are Korean dramas. 

The first ever anime that I enjoyed watching was Kamisama Kiss. For Kamisama Kiss fans, season 2 is out already by the way. It already has 5 episodes so far. I had watched a lot of animes but there are really only a few which will leave an impact on me. Nah, not even a few. They are only 2 I think. 2 as in Paradise Kiss and Nana. 

I will remember Paradise Kiss until I die, I think. It was about a highschool girl who blindly studied wanting to get into a good collage just like how her parents wanted her to until she met George Koizumi (the male lead) and she realized that this is not the life she wants. Perfect! Totally perfect for me who had just bid my farewell to highschool. 
One of the factor why I love this anime so much was because of the male lead, George Koizumi. I like how Japanese pronounce his name as Johji instead or George. I really like his fashion sense (he was a fashion designer btw, haha). Although he was really mean to the female lead at times which lead me to question myself whether did he loved her but you just couldn't deny his charm. I was really (or maybe still is) obsessed with him but sadly, he is just a fictional character. 

Another anime that had leaved a big impact on me was Nana. The author is the same as Paradise Kiss. It was about two girls with the same age and same name (you could've guessed it, it's Nana just like the title of the anime) but with very different personalities. This anime is more to slice of life but it also includes romance and friendship. Too bad, it never had an ending because the author had some kind of illness but don't worry, she is not dead. She is just on hiatus for about 5 or 6 years already, I think. But it's okay! I had already vowed to wait for the ending of Nana no matter how many years it takes. 

I really highly recommend Paradise Kiss and Nana. But of course you will never want to watch them if you prefer animes like Naruto because there are no action in both of the animes(I watch Inuyasha btw). If you are a sucker for romance, Paradise Kiss and Nana are like black hole. They will suck you in and once you had started, you cannot stop. Both Paradise Kiss and Nana have a comic version too but still I prefer anime since I don't really appreciate the comic relieves. But for Nana, you may want to read the comic after watching the anime since the story continues there. 

Move on! 

Since I'm too free nowadays, I hardly find myself tired at night which leads to insomnia. I even stay awake for the whole night and just go to jog when the sun rises at times. 
My skin is getting really bad and I think the acne scar on my right cheek will remain forever. Do share with me if you have some tips on getting rid of acne scars. 

As for now, goodbye it is. Thank you for reading this long post and read me bragging about George Koizumi. Haha. 



Sunday, May 6, 2012


Mid year exam is just around the corner and I know, I shouldn't be blogging here. My mind is jam, I'm giving it a good rest now :). 

Yesterday was Wesak Day. In the afternoon, I came out with an idea of going to visit clock tower and have a look at how they celebrate Wesak Day to mum. It was my first time. I asked Wan Yin to join too but she can't make it at the last minute since she was having a bad stomachache. 
Le me before getting out from the house. Since mum gave order to me not to bring a big bag out, I brought a small bag along. 

It was having a terrible traffic jam on the way to clock tower. Anyway, why is this blog post so essay'ish? :/
I like the lightning of the pic up there :) Canon, delighting you always. (Y)

Parked le car at speedy and walked to clock tower. Healthy or not? :P Too bad the full moon was not captured. 
On our way to clock tower. So, we did made a good choice to walk there. 
I could see alot of people there. I survived in a big gang of people! 
I walked around the whole area and at last I found a henna shop :) Beautiful? Heh
Meet my henna, people! Many people tot that it's tattoo which make me feels very heartache. How I wish I have a birthmark like this so that I wont have to spend money on this. Anyway, this henna will last for two weeks :) I respect the lady who drew this henna for me cause it's impossible for me to do this kind of stuff so perfectly. 

That's the end of my henna story :P Goodluck for those who are facing exam soon :) 


End of the post. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Yay'ness! This was how much I grabbed yesterday night. I'm happy and delighted :) For those who read my past blog post will understand what is this pic all about.


End of the post.

Crave List.

For the reason I-don't-know-why, my appetite had all came back! And I ate a lot recently :x Fats oh, fats, I don't love you so please don't love me.

Had my dinner yesterday night, after that went to Secret Recipe and had Yogurt Cheese cake. On my way back home, went to buy chicken frost bread and ate it after got back home. Woah? What makes me to eat so much? Second stage of puberty?

I'm craving for sweet stuffs. Sweet is fats. I'm being unfair to love sweet but dislike fats. Planned to jog with le Mei Lum this evening but plan ruined by rain. Planned again to jog this Saturday. I can't just sit here and do nothing anymore. I never want to be fat.

Can stress makes someone thin? If yes, I shall go and face the book for the rest of my night. Before that, have to go for snack shopping with le mum! Oh my gee, my life is all about food. Food lover says bye!

With loves,

End of the post.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Good Morning Yesterday.

Reader reader, oh lovelies! Good afternoon :).

Good morning yesterday. Everything that happened are like just happened yesterday.Well, that's because I had walked out from a hard time.

Wherever I go, I can't find any tamagotchis. How sad! S.O.S! Anybody know where can I find tamagotchi in TI? I seriously do need help.

Back into topic, I have to thank lotsa angels be with me when I was sad. People who know me well will know how sad I was. Some of them even saw me crying. Gosh! *blush* Cause of them, I was laughing when I supposed to cry. It's like my tears had reached my eyes but cause of their jokes, it ended up with tear of laughter and I went HAHAHA all the way. I will never forget those people who treated me good.

Yes, life isn't amazing now. But it will be in the future. I will make my life be in the way I want. I ain't amazing too but I'm grateful for who I am. I wonder how will I feel like when I read back this blog post few years later.

I had a fail relationship but who cares? I'm just 15. I still have a long journey to go. Heartbroken, tears fell. Nothing else. I will just treat it like I had a dream. A beautiful yet horrible dream which made me to grow. I once appreciated his presence in my life but he blew it. Sad case. Although I will still feel sad for what that had happened but things will be perfectly okay soon.

The first test of the year is coming soon which means I have to prepare myself by now :). Damn tired. So, I shall get a nap now.


End of the post.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

why oh why.

Mirror mirror on the wall, why oh why I'm so emo this few days? Anyway, hello lovelies!

I know the reason well but why must be so damn super duper hyper emo? :(. *sigh* I'm tired. Mentally tired. Had enough of mind torture. What a complicated human I am?

I think that I'm a loser. I don't even keep my own promise to myself. Although it's all out of my control but promises made are mean to be fulfill! Especially promises towards myself. Okay la, at least I'm glad that I still believe promises that people make :). Thing is not as worse as I think.

L.O.N.E.L.Y. I hate to be lonely. Should say I'm afraid of loneliness. I always do. Past, now and forever I will still do. I seriously need a tamagotchi now to overcome my loneliness! Any suggestions for quality and nice tamagotchi? I don't need those expensive one, I just need one to accompany me. Chloe  suggested me to get one from Toy R Us but there's no Toy R Us in Teluk Intan. That's pathetic. If I know how to drive, how good will it be? Will get myself one real soon!

I wonder how I will be like 10 years later. I know my thinking is too far away but I'm seriously curious bout it. Will I be taller? Will I be fatter? Will I be single or double? Will I be a successful person? I have no idea but I just love to think bout that especially when I'm emo. At least I need not to think of the same person everytime I'm emo.

Should stop blogging now cause I hammered my own finger for countless time while attending Living Skill class today. Painful nuff'. Anyway, tomagotchi, please do wait for me :).


End of the post.